Here I will present links to other sites that I find particularly interesting and that I frequently visit on my trips around the internet. It's just a beginning and I hope to get more good links as time goes by.

Updated : 5 mai 2007



ROBERT RAY : A Coool US layouts, Scratchbuilds and Laser Rolling-Stock

ROSETOWN - Jürg Rüedi with his rely nice US layouts

ZSCALEGALLERY - Jürg Rüedi is showing off his rolling stock on his nice website.

RED ROCK RAILROAD : US module layout, rely nice.

ZTRAINS : John Cubbin's terrific Site, US Z-Scale portal with some nice artickles.

ZETTZEIT : Swiss Z-Scale portal also with alot off new information on regular bases.

SVEIN-MARTIN HOLT : Platelayer US layout, Saguaro River module and more.

HEINE PEDERSEN : Coffee Table Layout, and much more. Allso a nice active forum.

HENRIK HASLE : Plentywood US layout, a yong guy that is scrach building alot.

MOLNAR : US Layout, nice lauout with alot off Micro-Stucture kits.


TRAINBOARD - English language. One off the best Z-Scale forum

ZMOD.NO - The Norwegian Z-Scale module group's forum open for all Z-Scale stuff

ZCENTRALSTATION - English language, a good Z-Scale forum with image upload.

NORSK MJ FORUM - Norwegian language, The biggest and best general MR forum in Norway.

ZFORUM.SE - Sweedish language Z-Scale forum


ZMOD.NO : The Norwegian module standard page. ( English and Norwegian language), also with it's own forum for discussing the modules and so on.

ZTRACK : The only Z-Scale magazine from the US and also sell the AZL line.

CLOMS VIA TSCHALUNS : An incredible layout from the Swiss Alps build in N-Scale

MEINE-N-WELT : A nice N-Scale builder


HOBBY TRAIN : A nice shop in Drammen - Norway. Not to much Z-Scale but has allot off scratch building materials.

AMUNDSEN HOBBY : The biggest shop in Oslo - Norway. With all off Marklin's products in every scale. Allot off building materials and they also deal the AZL Z-Scale line.

BAWARIA MININATURE : They sell the beautiful scenery products from Silluette Mini Nature.

ZTHEK : A small Z-Scale manufacturer in the US. (SW-1 brass kit)

AMERICAN Z LINES - AZL & SWISS Z LINE  :  Z-Scale manufacturer off American and European train sets.

MICRO TRAINS LINE - MTL : Z-Scale manufacturer off American train sets.




MPP Lasercut
You can see two videos of Torsja's work online. Click the links below to watch.

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part I

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part II

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