The Old style Wooden Boxcar made by Torsja ( alias Tor-Jørgen Moskaug)

This old style wooden boxcar is based on the drawing you se above here. The boxcar is made off two peaces off resin casting. One for the walls and under carriage. And one for the roof. The box is only half filled to allow for more weight and better stability while running. I have made them for use with MTL's trucks w/coupler  #004 02 001 and so fare they seems to work pretty well on some off my ZMOD modules at home.
 They are not 100% accurate in any measurements, but they are not far off from a 40' boxcar.
 And the resin casting have sometimes defects like air bobbles after casting. So some differences in every car should be expected. These are homemade totally from scratch and not perfect production models. But in return you will get some cars that not every one have on their layouts. :)

PS: NERR Stands for my own fantasy  "Needle Eye" Rail Road



I will sell or trade these cars with people that are interested in them.
I have made about 20 cars for sale at first. And I se how it goes from there.
In stock now:
Thanks to the people who wanted my boxcars and traded with me for them. :)

I would prefer trading for these cars so send me a mail and
make me an offer at

- For sale I will take 25$ (150,-Norske) for an unpainted kit off 3cars and with NERR decal lettering.
You must provide the trucks and couplers your self.
( ex. MTL's trucks w/coupler  #004 02 001 )

- For finished cars with the NERR paint scheme and lettering I will take 40$ (250,- Norske) for 3cars.
But you still must provide the trucks and couplers your self.

For US postage the cost is 10$
For EU postage the cost is 2€

When I trade the postage is free since I then expect some package in return also :)

If you are in buying these cars mail me at
I do not have any PayPal and can not take any credit card or similar. But I'm sure we can come to an agreement on how you will pay me for the cars. I'm basing this on a  2way trust system from both parties.  



The decals is made with Testors Clear Decal Paper.
Printed on a color laser and coted with a layer off dullcoat.