The new  ZMOD's is beginning to take shape.
Tor-JÝrgen Moskaug

There will be 3 more new modules built to form an oval track with the ZMOD standards. Whit this shape it will fit in to corner of my living room.  The total measurements are 180x120cm, with 2 modules of 120x60cm. 1 module of 60x40cm. And the existing module that is 100x40cm.

HPIM3776 HPIM3777 HPIM3779 HPIM3780

Here Iím grinding down the sidewalls to make them equal in size.


All the modules together to se how they fit.

HPIM3793 HPIM3794 HPIM3794-2  

Here Iím milling the soldered joints of the PECO Flex tracks for better running.

Here you can se the good use of my own patent of jigís for the ZMOD standard. A wary useful tool.

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