"Needle Eye" Lumber Co. Locomotive. Prototype number 1-3
Tor-Jørgen Moskaug

This is my wary first attempt on making my own train shell for the old US style Steam Engine. My first attempt went fairly well and I think the result without too much details and work inspired me to go on and try to build another at later time.

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28.09.2004. Made a new chimney, cowcather and a headlamp. See pictures below.
25.10.2004  I have added a new whistle and bell and some rail guards. I've also levered the roof/caboose with about 2-3mm.

31.10.2004 I added a new chimney, sandbox, cowcatcher,
number plate and made a wood tender.
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"Needle Eye" 2-6-0 Steem Engine Prototype #1
Tor-Jørgen Moskaug

HPIM4204 HPIM4208 HPIM4208b HPIM4216
HPIM4204.jpg HPIM4208.jpg HPIM4208b.jpg HPIM4216.jpg
HPIM4217 HPIM4219 HPIM4219b HPIM4220
HPIM4217.jpg HPIM4219.jpg HPIM4219b.jpg HPIM4220.jpg

28.09.2004 below.

01-HPIM4061sv HPIM4058 HPIM4059 HPIM4059b
01-HPIM4061sv.jpg HPIM4058.jpg HPIM4059.jpg HPIM4059b.jpg
HPIM4060 HPIM4061 HPIM4062 HPIM4063
HPIM4060.jpg HPIM4061.jpg HPIM4062.jpg HPIM4063.jpg
HPIM4064 HPIM4065 HPIM4066 HPIM4067
HPIM4064.jpg HPIM4065.jpg HPIM4066.jpg HPIM4067.jpg