The ZMOD Train show on the weekend off 28-29 april 2007 was yet a new success story I think. More new ZMOD modules were presented along with some new smaller layouts. The audiences seemed to have a good time and I would guess that about 200 people came to see us over the 2 days the show lasted. So when Z-Scale builders that could not be there them self let us have their layouts to show off for them and with visitors from other countries we had a rely good time.

Check out these galleries for more pictures from the show.

Picture Gallery #1
Photos by Tor-J. Moskaug alias Torsja
Picture Gallery #2
Photos by Tor-J. Moskaug alias Torsja

Picture Gallery #3
Photos by Lars Erik G. Svendsen

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Here we have the "US-gang" along side the NERR layout. From the left:

Jürg Rüedi -  (Switzerland)
Henrik Hasle -
Hans-Henrik Riddervold - 
Torsja - - NERR

Jürg Rüedi brought with him one off his dioramas build by John form . A true master piece.


Suitcase layouts. From the left:

Firefaighter Dag, double European layout
Torsja's Gas station
Henrik's US layout
Rune's European layout
The Håkestad brother's displayed the cool and busy European style layout. It's an ongoing process and it has got allot more green scenery since last time.
We also had some used Z-Scale sellers on the show. That's always popular with the crowd.
Representatives for "The Cool Tool Unimat 1" latches and milling maschines were also in place. Amundsen Hobby now has their products in the shop for sale.
A familiar visitor from the US on my NEER layout. The SW1 swither locomotive.
More cool trains visiting the NEER, courtesy off Jürg.
A view from Christian's beautiful ZMOD farm module.
The train station on Lars-Erik's ZMOD module is gone be a nice one when he finishes it.

Here we are after the show is financed thanking Viggo Amundsen for the use off his shop for the Train Show.





MPP Lasercut
You can see two videos of Torsja's work online. Click the links below to watch.

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part I

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part II

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