Z-Skala treffet i Asker 16-17 april 2005

Svein-Martin Holt

Jan Erik Bentehaugen

Bo "Bosse" Tasius

Pål Risebrobakken
The Z-Scale show!
16-17 april-05 på Føyka stadion i Asker

The weekend of 16-17 April 2005 our first only Z-Scale show took place in Asker. We got 3 new members with us this time that had built new ZMOD’s. They where not completely finished with scenery but it was a welcomed addition to our layout.

In total there were 4 new modules. The total length off the layout was about 9meters with double track. After a few kinks in the start off the day we got it up and running with verius trains both European, Norwegian! and US material.  


The “Needle Eye” modules were fore the action set up as a stand alone layout just to get some more action on the show.

Click here for a video from this layout!.


Hans Henrik Riddervold
In addition we got a visit from AZL’s founder Hans Henrik Riddervold with his “Golden Empire II” layout build by Lyn St. Laurent. (Featured in the Model Railroader #3-2004). And we got to se some beautiful trains made by AZL. 

Jon Digernes

Pål Risebrobakken

Lars Erik G. Svendsen

Ove I. Hagen
We also got some other small layout with us. One in a Computer, a TV and a couple off other.

Bawarias ModelNature came with some new products from MiniNature made especially for N and Z-Scale. They had built a small layout for the action showing off how it should be done. Beautiful!!

Bentehaugen and Wife
Bentehaugen and his wife sold hot dogs/coffe and more. The show got about a 200 visitors over the weekend witch was as expected and a good indicator that on our next show with more advertising this event has potential to grow even more in the future. Al in al a wary successful event!  

Z-Skala treffet i Asker Dag 1 - 16 april 2005

ZMOD rekka.

Jon Digranes - TV-Anlegg

Lars Erik - små anlegg m/digital testing?

Ove I Hagen - kommodeanlegget

Bawaria Modell Nature har mye fint å vise frem.

Jan Erik Bentehaugen og kone står for kiosken på treffet. KJEMPE god sjokoladekake!!!

Svein-Martin Hold på foto runde rundt i lokale.

Med to gode hjelpere, Bo "Bosse" Tasius og "Greffern" som lurte på om ikke SMH var ferdig snart:)