Modellmessen 2004 - Solberhallen i Drammen
Tor-Jørgen Moskaug

"Needle Eye" on the show “Modellmessen 2004”. Thank you all for a nice gathering this weekend. I had a lot of fun with my little “puppet zhow” . A lot of nice people and lot of nice words about the ZMOD.

01-HPIM4203 02-HPIM4192 HPIM4190 HPIM4195
01-HPIM4203.jpg The puppetmaster him self :) HPIM4190.jpg HPIM4195.jpg
HPIM4197 HPIM4198 HPIM4199 HPIM4201
HPIM4197.jpg HPIM4198.jpg HPIM4199.jpg HPIM4201.jpg