Woodlands E-Z Water

I needed some more water in my new river. This time I tried out Woodlands E-Z Water pellets. I warmed the pellets up in a tin can on my stove and just poord it on my prepared river bed. Ups, it did not look to good as the “water” stiffened quit quick and trapped all the air bubbles both inside the water and on the surface. Also the edges did not go well. Large round edges do not look good. 

What to do? I got out my large soldering iron and just put it right down in the water. It then melted the Water and let all the air bubbels come to the surface and disappear. And the edges float nicely out on to the river banks. And while I’m at it it was easy to blow or move the water around to make waves and so on. And if I’m not happy with some parts I can just heat it up again and make changes to the river.

I then added some Woodlands Water effects “White stuff on a bottle” for the waterfall and additional wave effects. Then I highlighted parts off the river with white water color so that I can wipe it off if it too much or in the wrong place later on.