Z-Scale- Marklin Turnout rebuilding
Tor-Jørgen Moskaug

I decided that the motor on the Marklin Z-Scale turnouts is not so pretty. So I went to work on one that was already installed on my Needle Eye ZMOD.  

I used the knife to cut out the motor from the turnout and pleased it under the layout instead. I think the result was so much better. And it actually was very easy to do this modification. And with use of the original motor from Marklin it is relative cheap to use instead of buying a new turtle motor. Used Marklin turnouts are not so hard to by cheap on the internet.

It does work. But it's hard to find the right possession for the motor under the layout so that it can be reliable.
The Marklin motor does not have any good mechanism to hold it in place so if you place it a bit wrong the switch bounds back by it self some times. I will probably exchange the motors with some other kind later on. But regardless off that i will not use the Marklin motor in any visible places. It's just too ugly.

I will let the pictures speak for them self. If you have any additional questions just e-mail me at tjm@smbservice.no  

HPIM3862 HPIM3863 HPIM3864 HPIM3865
HPIM3862.jpg HPIM3863.jpg HPIM3864.jpg HPIM3865.jpg
HPIM3866 HPIM3868 HPIM3869 HPIM3871
HPIM3866.jpg HPIM3868.jpg HPIM3869.jpg HPIM3871.jpg
HPIM3872 HPIM3874 HPIM3875 HPIM3879
HPIM3872.jpg HPIM3874.jpg HPIM3875.jpg HPIM3879.jpg
HPIM3942 HPIM3943 HPIM3944 HPIM3945
HPIM3942.jpg HPIM3943.jpg HPIM3944.jpg HPIM3945.jpg
HPIM3946 HPIM3947 HPIM3948 HPIM3950
HPIM3946.jpg HPIM3947.jpg HPIM3948.jpg HPIM3950.jpg