The "Needle Eye" modules was on the road again.
This time it's back to the show in Larvik on the weekend off 27-28 oktober.


Packed and ready to go to the show.

HPIM7719 The moduels are set up and ready to go.


Lots off spectators eyebaling my layout.
Some action on the NEER.
Henrik made this truck and it was a nice trailer to.
An N-Scale caffe table layout.
An N-Scale caffe table layout.
HPIM7723 Hum, something looks familliar on one off those covers. :)
HPIM7725 The Cool Tool's UNIMAT 1 stand was right next to mine.

They got alot off visits by quiries spectators.

HPIM7731 Norske modeller by Truls was there with his laser cut buildings in H0
HPIM7733 "De lune herrer" Bawaria was on site with their nice landscaping products. MiniNature
HPIM7734 A nice boxcar in 1:48
HPIM7738 A nice boxcar in 1:48
HPIM7741 The Håkestad brother's displayed the cool and busy European style layout.



MPP Lasercut
You can see two videos of Torsja's work online. Click the links below to watch.

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part I

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part II

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