14.12.2004 On a visit to Hans Riddervold (American Z Lines - AZL) in Oslo-Norway.

In December -04 Svein-Martin Holt and my self was invited to Hans Riddervold home in Oslo-Norway to look at some off his new line of Z trains. The amaisment was big when we got in the room and saw the ďGolden Empire IIĒ layout build by Lyn St. Laurent. (Featured in the Model Railroader #3-2004). It was rely fun to see the layout in real life and home in Norway never the less. The layout was rely cool. But had sustained some damage on the freight over the big pond. So itís in need off some repairs. To bad he did not have had the time to connect the too modules together yet so we could run his beautiful trains on it. But hey, maybe next time?

Svein-Martin on the left and Hans to the right.

Hans showed us a lot off his lineup off AZL-locomotives including 4 different prototype sets of the new MetroLink passenger set with Bombardier. This is a plastic model but the finish is amacing and full off really nice details. The locomotive is pritty heavy so it should be a strong and good runner as well as a looker.


My self Iím most partial to the SD40 and the Alco PA1s he showed us.


So tankís for a nice time this close to Christmas and a marry Christmas to you all.
Iíll guess I just have to save up some money and get me one off these locomotives some day.