I must apologize for not following up on my website for quite some time now. Hope to some day make it a good site to visit again?Hello 19/03-2019 welcome to my website. I primarily build model trains in Z-Scale [1:220]. Most off what you will se here is build from scratch. The main "Needle Eye" Rail Road layout is based on modules with the ZMOD.no standard. I also build some stuff in N-Scale and H0e.  Hope you will enjoy this site and the work I'm doing.

 Regard Torsja

I must apologize for not following up on my website for quite some time now. My job have me quite busy and I don't have the energy to upgrade this site so often anymore. But rest assure I am not in any way done with the modelling or in the hope off some day get this site up and running again with all my new projects over the last years. I slowly but steadily make new models and modules all the time and some day I get all the things out here for your hopefully enjoyments and pleasure. Regard Torsja :-)

Updated: 04.04.2009
Yet again we arranged a ZMOD Show in Oslo Amundsen Hobby Shop.
This time it was building Z-Scale stuff that was in focus, and about 10 builders turned up to make some projects realized. Some build ZMOD modules and dioramas, some where digitalising their locos, building trees, houses, cars and so on. And some was driving on our modules along with guests that popped in from time to time. Jeff from BAZ-Boyz in USA and Jürg from Switzerland visited us this time. And they brought with them lots off wisdom and allot off cool Z-Scale stuff like cars, weathering tools and so on.
We started on Friday and works almost non-stop thru to Sunday, and we all agree that this was a weekend with loots off fun with good company. Let's do it again next year. :)

Here is the guys that was attending the building show. Click for more ->



ZMOD module building.
During the wintertime Jürg and I tallke about a small Module in the ZMOD Standard that we could build together by preparing some Buildings and other stuff at home and then finish the Module during the ZMOD Show in Oslo this April. This Website was created to see the Progress of the 40cm deep and 60cm wide Module. We wanted to make a small City called Springfield :-) Rob's and Chris release of the Nails Brother Yard was the starting point. We want also to use Ben's Dorothy House, a burnt Building from Lionel Gazeau, Märklin ED's Autorepair, the MPP Rabbit Hash and maybe a Trainstation.
Read more and follow the progresse
on Jürgs homepage : http://www.rosetown.ch/News/ZMOD.htm



"M.A.C. 4-40 Gas Rail Car"
This is my version off the  M.A.C. 4-40 Gas Rail Car. Featured in a NG&SL Gazette number some time ago. So far it will have to be dragged by another train, but I have sort of a plan on making something else to push or drag it along the rails.
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  13/8-07 New pictures!

This is my version off the 5000Gallon "THE STANDARD CHEMICAL COMPANY" Tank car. Featured in a NG&SL Gazette number some time ago. It's a nice tank car and will be a nice addition to Needle Eye Rail Road layout rolling stock. I have made my tank master out off brass rods and the flatcar from Strip wood and Styrene..
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  28/5-07 New pictures!

"Mann's Creek Railroad 20tonn Coal Hopper."
This is my version off the "Mann's Creek Railroad 20tonn Coal Hopper." Featured in a NG&SL Gazette number some time ago. It's a nice coal hopper for my Needle Eye Rail Road layout and it will make a nice addition to my rolling stock and my layout I think.
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A Short video off my NERR Steam locomotive. VIDEO klick here ->

GE 132ton Ford switcher - made by Torsja
My first scratch build shell for the GP-35 chassis.
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 The "White River Mill House"
I have now build a new trading station on my NERR layout.
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I have just got a couple off new locomotives in my small collection. Actually I have now almost doubled my stable. It's the Marklin 2-6-0 "Bumble bee" and the "Diamond Special".
They have some pretty nice detailing and will make a nice addition to my layout.


HPIM5752-mjf 19.03.2006
Z-Scale suitcase layout.

I like many others also wanted a small suitcase layout that I easily can take with me where ever I go. So when the right cases just happen to come along I finally got to build it. 
Click here to se some pictures off it.->



MPP Lasercut
You can see two videos of Torsja's work online. Click the links below to watch.

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part I

Needle Eye Lumber Co., Part II

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