19 september
Flere selvbygde trær.

18 september
Selv bygging av trær.

14 september
Selv laging av gatelys

8 september
Bilder med vidvinkel...

6 september
Ny tre bro og sidespor...

18 august
Ny treperrong til stasjonen.

8 august
Landskaps oppdateringer.

24 Juli
Digitalisering av Salongbordet.

15 juli:
Nye oppgraderinger.

12 juli:
Nye planer og oppgraderinger.

11 juni :
Arbeide med ett ny dobbel sløyfe i salongbordet har startet.

26 mai : 
N-Scale Lok-E7 LOCO
Etter en 2dagers tur til Glasgow (Scotland) i mai 2003. Så fant jeg en lokal liten MJ-butikk i gå avstand fra Sentral stasjonen i sentrum. 

8 Mai : 

Bygge tips side er oppdatert.
Latex/Gips fjell og tre bygging.

12 april : 
Bilder av kjeller anlegget

18 mars : 
Statisk gressmaskin!

29 mars : 

Bilder fra MJF's Vårslepp 2003 i Veitvetthallen- Oslo



On a visit to Hans Riddervold (American Z Lines - AZL) in Oslo-Norway.


Publikumsmessen 2004


The Needle Eye was going on the road!

The weekend off 23-24oktober my zmod’s was on the model show In Solberghallen in Drammen


NEW!! "Needle Eye" Lumber Co. 
Steam Locomotive.

Z-Scale- Marklin Turnout rebuilding.

ZMOD's update!

MJ-bladet vol 2-2004 has an article about the action with ZMOD on 28.03.04. Read Svein-Martin Holt's article online (only in norwegian language) PDF, size 1.1Mb

More info about MJ-bladet can be found on www.mjf.no
(PDF-reader must be installed to read the article)

8 Juni -04
Updates on my ZMOD.

28 Mars -04
NMJ's Vårlsipp 2004
My first run together with our ZMOD's.

14 januar-04 N-Scale
Ny bro - Ny garasje + div.

7 januar-04
Torsja's Auto Rapair Service.

Oppdatert 3 januar-04

29 september
Selvbygg an "Grantrær"

24 september
"Godsbygg" er kommet på plass.

21 september
Påbegynt godsterminal & Lysstolper.





24.12.1005 My first Micron Art 1913 Model T Delivery Van 



My first try to build a Micron Art 1923 Model T  Z-Scale Truck. It’s a nice little truck for my "Needle Eye" layout. Just the right time era. I used superglue to put it together and with some paint I think it will look rely good.


The ZMOD's on the show in Larvik.
I had a great time in Larvik on the weekend off 29-30ocober 2005.. And as usual i forgot to take allot off pictures on the show. But here is atleast some pictures. Clik here->




The ZMOD's on the show in Drammen 1-2october.
 I had a rely good time this weekend with a lot off nice visitors that asked
about our ZMOD standard and how we make our modules.
 Thanks to the organizers for a yet another good arrangement.


30.09.2005 I also got my MTL GP-35 today!!!

 Click here for more pictures!!

18.09.05 Preperations for the Show in
Drammen 1-2october 2005!
Today all the tracks has been layed on the new module!

I am now making a new module so that I can expand my layout with other zmod’s and future modules that I might make. The new module is a T-module that only use the outer double track so that it will infact act as a turn/end module for the ZMOD standard when I use all my “Needle Eye” modules together on shows. I’m planning to make the new module so that it acts ass a “block”? System. So that more that one train can safely travel on this layout without crashing in to each other. This together with the two separate tracks on my layout will increase the action censurably.

The next time I will show my layout will be at “Modellmessen 2005” in Solberghallen, Drammen the 1-2nd off October.
“Bee there or be bee square”

27.08.05 ZMOD on MOROP Convention!
 My "Needle Eye" and Svein-Martin's "Saguaro River" where displayed for the participants off the MOROP convention in Drammen Modelljernbaneklubb.
The partisans were quite interested in our “small” work in the one hour the whole séance was held.


This is on my workbench at the moment!


Just a small update.
Working on some new houses, train depo and a new porthole

It has begun to rain outside again, so I have now begun to detailing my layout a little more.

Have begun to test some paint schemes on the shells.
But I'm not sure how it will end.


Making a F-7 Resin Casting

This is my first attempt of making a resin cast off an MTL F-7 locomotive shell. The first attempt went pretty okay with a few things that I learned after this.


04.05.05 Look at a Video from my layout.

Building tip for a River with Woodland E-Z water.
Click here for more information. 




Svein-Martin Holt

Jan Erik Bentehaugen

Bo "Bosse" Tausis

Pål Risebrobakken
The Z-Scale show!
16-17 april-05 på Føyka stadion i Asker

The weekend of 16-17 April 2005 our first only Z-Scale show took place in Asker. We got 3 new members with us this time that had built new ZMOD’s. They where not completely finished with scenery but it was a welcomed addition to our layout.

In total there were 4 new modules. The total length off the layout was about 9meters with double track. After a few kinks in the start off the day we got it up and running with verius trains both European, Norwegian! and US material.  


The “Needle Eye” modules were fore the action set up as a stand alone layout just to get some more action on the show.

Click here for a video from this layout!.


Hans Henrik Riddervold
In addition we got a visit from AZL’s founder Hans Henrik Riddervold with his “Golden Empire II” layout build by Lyn St. Laurent. (Featured in the Model Railroader #3-2004). And we got to se some beautiful trains made by AZL. 

Jon Digernes

Pål Risebrobakken

Lars Erik G. Svendsen

Ove I. Hagen
We also got some other small layout with us. One in a Computer, a TV and a couple off other.

Bawarias ModelNature came with some new products from MiniNature made especially for N and Z-Scale. They had built a small layout for the action showing off how it should be done. Beautiful!!

Bentehaugen and Wife
Bentehaugen and his wife sold hot dogs/coffe and more. The show got about a 200 visitors over the weekend witch was as expected and a good indicator that on our next show with more advertising this event has potential to grow even more in the future. Al in al a wary successful event!  


The portholes on one side of the mountain are now nearly finished.


Some more trees are being added to the layout. It takes some time to make the trees, but I'm soon up to about 25+ off them. And it can begin to look like a forest.



I have also begun a new test project. It’s an attempt to make a “#2 Galloping Goose”. I will se how It’s go with this in the future.


I have begun to make my forest now, a lot off trees are still to be made before it can be called a real forest, but hey it’s a start..

A new double tunnel portal has also been made off Styrene and wooden strips.



The mountain is beginning to take it’s final shape. And “Needle Eye” Mine and Milling Company is inn It’s early construction stage.


 I have begun to build a new mountain on one of the "new" modules. It is gone be hallow so that I can gain access to the tracks for maintenance and so on.

From the track bed to the top it's about 19"(50cm). I also used aluminum mosquito net covered with newspaper before applying all the plaster.



I have also started to make some new houses for the module. The bases of the houses are made from “Evergreen scale models” sheet styrene #2025 V-Groove. I paint them with Humbrol paint and Airbrush before adding some North Eastern wood for the frames and so on.


Painting the tracks with my airbrush. I use Humbrol #62 rust color diluted with paint thinner.

Finishing the
removable  bridges and connections.

More bridges are under construction.
These bridges is going to be removable and connect the side track on the modules together.


I have now almost completed the track work off the side line on my Z-Modules this weekend.  



18.01.2005  Building of the
"Needle Eye" Wooden Trestle Bridge